It was so humid and muggy this weekend. It's probably the first Saturday of the season that we haven't gone to the pool as it kept raining on and off. Instead, on Saturday, we tried out a new little patio sandwich shop for lunch and ice cream...

This picture makes me laugh- I clearly made them pose for the picture. And they clearly were NOT interested in it at the moment. HA!

But you can almost always count on this one to mug for the camera. 

The biggest event Saturday was that Davis got a package in the mail from Honey with FIFTY one dollar bills in it. He was SO excited! She sent the money to get school supplies so we went to Target because clearly it was burning a hole in his pocket! And he ended up having $6 left over so he was able to buy a happy meal for lunch at McDonalds. He was so proud to pay the woman at Target and reach out the window to pay the lady at McDonald's. She really made his day. He kept saying "I'm rich. I have FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!"

And then Sunday morning we went to the big Chutes & Ladders park and had a great time- even though it was so humid it felt wet. 

I can't believe it's already Monday again. Time is flying. Next week I only have two days in office because we are going to Texas, the following week I only have two days in office because we are shooting in LA, the next week we have labor day, and the week after that I am taking Friday off because Carrie is coming to visit me. Our schedules are INSANE! But fun. :-)