Off We Go!

Tomorrow, Bennett and I leave for our highly anticipated 10 year anniversary trip to Europe! We leave tomorrow night and are first headed to Amsterdam for a few days, and then we are taking a train to Paris for 4-5 days. I'll be honest- I don't love to travel. Okay, let me quantify that...I love to be new places and experience new things, but at the same time, I am a homebody and I sort of feel anxious about going away and being gone. Does that make any sense? Probably not...but it's true. And while I was thrilled about booking this trip, I've sort of been anxious about it ever since. I've never been gone so long from the beans, and I've never been so far from the beans, so it gives me a little bit of nervousness. Not for any one reason. I mean, I hate flying, and I do always worry (like any mom) about my kids being safe and feeling good...but I'm not really super nervous about any one thing- just the whole idea of it.

BUT- wow- that was long winded. The point is this- I also believe that big experiences and adventures are good and I always end up thankful for them- even if I sort of have to push myself to take the plunge in the first place. I can't NOT do things because they make me nervous. Actually that's probably when I DEFINITELY should do things- when they make me nervous.

Anyway- as you can tell, I'm nervous, I'm excited...and I just pray and hope that I feel comfortable on the way and when I get there, and that I can truly relax and enjoy the experience. And of course, I hope that my babies are doing great while we are gone.

Eeek! Can't believe we are finally going. Cannot wait to celebrate ten amazing years with Davis. And/so, as you can imagine, I probably won't blog as much while I'm gone, but I'll definitely keep you posted as I can, or do a great recap when I get back. Please say a prayer for me that I am calm and that everything goes smoothly.

BIG HUGE THANKS to my mom and Nikki for coming to love on the beans while we're gone. Seriously couldn't do any of this without them.

And here are a couple funny pictures to make you smile...