"The happiest day ever!"

Holden looked at me when we just said we should go to the pool (for the 6th time this weekend) and said "This is the happiest day ever!" I am quite certain that starting the day with a pre-parade breakfast of donuts at Elsa's house, then heading to a fab parade with Ellie, Derrick and Sierra, then snacking on all the candy she got at the parade, helped get her to this conclusion. 

And I don't disagree- it was a pretty fun day- that ended with our own little mini fireworks show in the backyard, and then both Davis and Holden stayed up late enough (for the first time) to watch the city's fireworks from our backyard. It was our third time watching the fireworks while sitting by our own Lake Nancy, and it was weird to think that it would probably be our last time, too. 

Anyway- enough words. Here are some pictures!

Maybe Bennett and I snuck bloody mary's into the pool that afternoon- making for the happiest kiddie pool visit ever. Have a great day. More later!