One of my favorite things about Honey's nickname is that Davis has shortened it, and he calls her "Hun". It's really fun to hear a five year old address a woman as "hun"- especially with a straight face. It cracks me up every time.

Anyway- because I still haven't uploaded pictures from our trip- I figured I could at least post some pictures that Honey sent us while we were away. I loved getting pictures every day!

Ice cream truck day at school! They get SO excited about this each time. Davis always gets  a rainbow or a bomb pop. Holden always gets some type of character ice cream- in this case: Pink Panther.

Holden wearing one of her (many) winter ski hats in the middle of July.

Who turned out the lights?

Some Chick-fil-A for breakfast before school...

And a little snapshot of the beans wearing Happy Meal boxes on their heads. So much fun. Happy Thursday friends!