Work and Play.

So I flew to LA Thursday, worked Friday through the night, and hopped on a plane Saturday morning and flew back to Minneapolis (with about two hours of sleep under my belt). I was dying to spend more time with the beans. It was kind of a gray afternoon and I didn't really feel like going to the water park, so instead, we went to Lake Harriet to hang out on their little beach and watch the kids swim. It was so fun to watch everyone at the lake- and of course it was great to watch Davis and Holden.

Davis and Holden were/are total opposites. Davis barely got in because he didn't want to touch the seaweed (gets it from me) while Holden surprised us all and swam out to touch the swim markers, about 30-50 feet out. Yes, with floaties on, but still. BY HERSELF. And she would swim all the way out there and then shout "Look at me! I did it by myself! I'm so brave!"

That's Holden's little head bobbing in front of the swimming markers.

Saturday night, one of my friends from my old job had a party at her new house. It was so much fun to see those guys- I haven't seen them in a while and they are all still as funny and interesting as ever. I will get to see most of them again this Saturday at my friend, Carmen's housewarming/bachelor/bachelorette party. :-) 

Anyway- then Sunday we went to church and Bennett then went to play golf- so I took the kids to the pool when Holden woke up. The pool/waterpark is only open for 4 more weeks, so you can bet that we will be there a lot. We get such a good return on that summer membership. It's ridiculous. 

But the best part of the weekend actually happened yesterday. Since I've been gone so much, and since I worked Saturday, I decided to take Monday off and play hooky with the kids. I didn't tell them ahead of time, just when they woke up yesterday morning, I said "Hey guys. Why don't we play hooky today?" They had no idea what that was, of course, but their smiles and wide eyes made clear that they understood the idea of skipping school and work and doing fun stuff all day. They were so excited. I'm so glad I did it. We had the best day- and they were SOOOOO happy. 

I did tell them I had to do a few boring things in the morning- but promised we would do fun fun fun stuff in the afternoon. SO, we dropped my car off for an oil change, walked over to get their hair cut, have some coffee/juice, and then we picked up my car and went to the Y. 

But during rest time, we watched movies and played video games, and then we went and spent the amazingly hot and sunny afternoon at the pool. I don't know who appreciated the day of fun more- me or Davis and Holden. Oh- and big day at the pool- Davis taught himself how to do forward and backward flips under water. I really couldn't believe it! He rarely just tries something like that and makes it happen- but it looked like a piece of cake. The first time he did it, he popped out of the water and we both looked at each other in shock, and then he started to shriek with excitement. He was very proud. And because we were making such a big deal about it- Holden decided to learn to go under water and swim. BIG NEWS! She was also quite proud of herself, and I loved watching them both.

Silly beans. I love them so!