Shiny Pennies.

Look at my two little love bugs- don't they just clean up like shiny pennies? These pictures were taken before church Sunday. Later that day, Davis said the following to me:

"Did you know that when you say something, you cannot put it back in your mouth? That's what I learned at my church today."

Me: What did you think about that?

D: Well, it means you have to be really careful and make very good choices. (Then he paused to think a bit before saying): Or you can just say "sorry" and that puts it back in your mouth.

Holden yesterday, out of the blue, while driving in the car, looked at me and said "When am I going to turn into a lady?" HA!

We got Holden that little white dress in Paris, and then I swear to you, she dug around in Davis' closet until she found the boots my grandparents gave him a few Christmases ago, and she slipped them on and said "Look at me, mama!" She was quite pleased with herself...and I have to say that I too think it is a pretty adorable ensemble. I want an outfit like that.

I think it's safe to say that those boots are now hers.