Welcome to New York!

I am in New York and it is the first time I've been in New York in the summer when it hasn't been absolutely humid and sweaty. So it's really lovely to be here, even if just for 48 hours. I flew in yesterday and will be flying back out this evening. We are staying at this super cool, industrial hotel- I'll post pictures later. But first, because I am a bit behind, here are some pictures from this past weekend. We had such a fun weekend...

It started with Holden and I going to the pool to meet Elsa and Kelley. Only after about 20 minutes, without a text or call, I started to wonder if we were there on the wrong day...and we were. HA! Holden was disappointed for a minute, but then forgot about it, and we had a great time together at the pool. I kept encouraging her to go play with little girl friends at the pool and she was such a darling- she would play with them for about 10 minutes and then I would hear her say "Lets go see my mom..." and then she would walk up and say "This is my mom." And then I would talk to her little friends for a while- in this case they were sisters and their names were Mabel and Millie. So cute, right? Anyway- after Mabel and Millie went out in the deeper area- I said "go see if that little girl wants to play-" and she looked at me and said "I want you to be my best girl." HOW CUTE IS THAT? I ALMOST DIED.

So Holden and I played at the pool all morning- and then we all went back to the pool after everyone's naps. We cannot get enough sun and heat. 

The next day, we were invited out to the Ohme's cabin on Lake Washington. And I say "cabin" loosely. People here call them cabins, but they are really just nice houses on a lake. But no one ever says "lake house". It's a Minnesota thing. Anyway- we were so excited to go because we went the first summer we moved here (when Davis and Holden were 3 and 1) and we had so much fun. Anyway, it was a beautiful day at the lake and we had a BLAST. We played all day in the sun and swam in the lake and just had the best time. It was a real treat for everyone. Holden rode with Sarah and I on the pontoon boat and Davis was so proud that he rode on this heavy duty raft/tube type deal behind the speed boat. He LOVED IT.

I honestly think Holden's favorite part was this tiny little door in the neighbor's tree. They say a troll lives there and she just kept going over there to see if she could see the little troll. The neighbor also had this cute little red wagon with a fairy house and accessories in there. Holden almost died. She wants to create one in our backyard...so that will be fun.

She had never heard of the word "troll" but they watch a little cartoon called "Paw Patrol" so she called him the "Papa Troll" all day. She would walk over and say "Papa troll- are you there? Can you come see me?" It was adorable.

We had so much fun. Lets just say that everyone was spent at the end of the day.

More later. Happy 1st of July!