Davis and Holden have said a few really cute things lately that I want to remember...sorry if this is boring to you, dear readers, but it is important to me!

Holden loves to giggle. And sometimes she will just look at me out of the blue and say "Lets laugh together, mommy!" And then I have found (through trial and error) that I need to just start laughing out loud (for absolutely no reason) so she can laugh along and we can: laugh together! So fun that she realizes how great it is to laugh. Did I mention that Courtney is meeting me in LA for a few days after my next shoot? I cannot wait to laugh with her. That's basically what we do together- talk and laugh.

Holden also says "DON'T TALK MAD TO ME..." any time someone talks to her with a stern tone. 

Davis crawled into our bed around 2:00 a.m. last night. He snuggled in and then after a few minutes, he put his little arm around me and said "Mommy. Am I going to live with you forever in this house?" And because I could tell it was a question out of concern, I just said "Yes Davis. You will live with me forever. But probably not always in this house..." And then he sort of mumbled, as I believe he was half asleep, "Well, I like this house. It's pretty comfy."

Then this morning, he woke me up around 8:00, saying "Were you okay last night, mom?" Which I thought was interesting because I could not sleep at all due to a headache...but I have no idea how he would know that.

Also, the other night, while lying in D's little twin bed, I leaned back and he quickly wrapped his arm around my neck and pulled me to him, like I was going to fall off the bed, so I said "Oh, thank you. You saved me..." and he looked at me and said "Mom. You're supposed to say 'My hero!'" 

They are so fun right now. I would like to lock them in time.