Sunday Funday.

We have all been so happy to have Honey at our house. I can't even count how many times Davis or Holden reached out to Honey, unprompted, gave her a big hug and said "I love you so much Honey." One day, Holden said "You are my best toy, Honey." 

We had a blast all weekend- and I'll post about each activity throughout the week- starting backward, with Sunday! We woke up early and took the kids to their favorite donut spot- Glam Doll Donuts. Holden chose the largest white icing rainbow sprinkle donut she could find- she licked the top off the whole thing, then quickly passed it over to Honey and said she wanted to trade her for her untouched chocolate icing rainbow sprinkle donut. SMOOTH MOVE, HOLDEN. 

Nikki and I were talking about how they look more alike in this picture than they ever have before. I wonder if they will look more and more like each other as they grow up. They sure are cute. Davis tells me all the time that he is "handsomer than daddy...but just by a little bit..."

And then we went to drive by Davis' school for next year- he was very excited. And then because it was such a gorgeous day- we went to the park and played for a bit. Holden played on the playground and Davis played catch with Bennett. Davis is really into sports these days- he wants to be in soccer and he is always carrying his mitt around. I love that. 


Then my mom and I went to a few shops she likes to check out- and then we took her for a Corona before she left town. I wish she was still here!