Oh My Goodness!

I just have so much to cover- maybe the best way to do it in a fairly quick manner- is in pictures. Courtney got to LA about 30 minutes after my shoot ended- at 6:30 am. I was SO tired, I felt like all I could do was drag my sorry, tired self in, and fall on the bed and sleep for 10 hours...but instead the second I saw her, I woke up and we talked until about 8:00 am. Then I DID sleep, but just for two hours. Ain't nobody got time for sleep when you only have 72 hours with one of your favorite people. So between midday Monday and the red eye at 12:35 AM on Thursday morning (kind of Wednesday night, really) we did this instead:


There was a lot of chatting, drinking and floating.

There was some post-drinking shopping where we ended up with some matching TOMs sunglasses- sold to us by a guy named "Email" or at least that's what we thought he said.

There were some celebrity sightings- hello Patrick Dempsey sitting next to us at lunch.

There were many oysters.

Some new life decisions, made and recorded.

And maybe there was a spa treatment, courtesy of our hotel, due to the drilling going on in the restaurant below our room. (We felt very lucky due to this drilling!)

A couple walks down to the beach to people watch and stick our toes in the sand.

And because it was just the two of us, of course there were a few selfies taken here and there. Including when lying on our bed.

Oh man we had fun. And we made about 47 new friends while there. We spent probably two hours hanging out with Tameka at the Nordstrom makeup counter one night because each time Courtney would go to walk away, she would somehow be reminded of another product that she couldn't live without. And of course she had to have a demo. 

We also made such good friends with one of our Uber drivers that several hours after our drop off, we were talking to him again as he was bringing the phone Courtney left in his car back to our hotel. 

What you look for- that's what you find. We looked for fun- and that is exactly what we found and exactly what we needed.

And I'll do a separate post about how excited I was to get back and how good it feels to be with my people again. :-) Another busy week ahead. I got to New York Tuesday, come back Wednesday...and then the following week, my mom comes, and we are off to Europe. YIKES!

I'm excited but also apprehensive. I love to do things and go places- but I really mainly like to be at home. With Davis and Holden. But I need to embrace it and enjoy it and know that I will be back and I won't have much travel for a while. Yahoo!

Sorry for the delay. I'm back in the game.