Hello Again.

Sorry it's been so long! I'm out in LA again for work. We're shooting three TV spots for the Back to School season. We got here Wednesday and we've been shooting 12-14 hours Thursday, Friday and today. Tomorrow we have the "day off" because we start shooting at 9:00 pm tomorrow night and we'll shoot until 7 in the morning. Not my favorite part. BUT, I have a really fun team and we pretty much laugh and talk all day while working. ALSO, I am so excited that Courtney is meeting me here on Monday morning. Seriously- that is the only thing that is keeping me from being MAJORLY homesick. Don't get me wrong- I am homesick and I miss my little beans...but I am a) keeping busy and b) thinking about three days of relaxing, day drinking, shopping and spa-ing with my gal pal. :-)

I'll try to post some pics tomorrow- but just wanted to let you know what I've been up to! 

PS I used to think that maybe there would be a way I could/would want to live in LA someday...mainly from watching lots of reality TV shows and vacationing in Santa Monica. But after being here a ton and seeing how dry it is and how miserable the traffic is- I think LA is only for vacations. Venice, Santa Monica, and a few parts of Bev Hills are the only places I want to go. 

Oh and PS, speaking of reality shows- we went to Pump and Sur the other night and saw THREE bravolebrities. THREE. And they were just as chachy in person as they are on the shows. HA!