Posters & Pints.

Look at this little guy in his cap & gown:

The school did a really nice job- they gave each child an award...just acknowledging something special about them. Davis got the Master Builder award- which he was so proud of. His little buddy, Brooks, got the techy award. It was a really fun night and we DID get one decent picture of three of the four of us- Holden was being a little pill- and these are the only pictures we got of her.

OH! She can be such a stinker...she got her first spanking this weekend- but that is another story. Separately, she found that Hello Kitty barrette in the grass/dirt at the graduation- awesome.

We went to DQ to get ice cream afterwards with the Ohmes- and as it was literally the warmest night of the year so far (mid 80s)- the kids were running wild out on the DQ porch- eating and schmearing their ice cream everywhere.

Friday night we have made it a habit to go out to dinner somewhere together, as a family. It's a tradition that I love. This Friday, we went to Buffalo Tap for a Juicy Lucy. Bennett and I have been working out pretty hard core for the last six weeks- so every once in a while- we splurge. While there- Holden got to drink out of her first boot! It's apple juice, not beer. Don't worry! :-) She was quite pleased with the situation. 

Then Saturday we had our last swimming lesson and Saturday evening, Bennett and I went to this cool event called Posters & Pints. Basically- in Northeast Minne, in an old boxing gym, they do an art showcase from local artists- featuring posters about beer...and well, Minnesota. There is such a Minnesota pride in this state. It's great. And then outside of the gym- there were about 20 local breweries. Your ticket bought you free beer samples all night and also supported a local art mentorship program for kids. It was really so fun. Chilly, but fun.

We had a really fun time together. I'm so glad we went. Then yesterday we just palled around, grocery shopped, got haircuts, played outside, worked out, etc. It was a really nice weekend. Hope you had a great one too. More tomorrow!