The World is Changing.

My friend Meredith is getting married tonight, here in Minneapolis. We don't hang out a ton, but she is a person that I feel like I know. And I feel like she knows me. It's funny how you get that with some people. Our lives are very different- but we always had fun laughing and talking when we worked together in my previous job.

Anyway, I explained to Davis that he and Holden were going to have a sitter tonight because his dad and I are going to a wedding. He surprisingly said "whose wedding?" I said "my friend, Meredith..." and then he said "who is she marrying?" I said "a girl named Jaime..."

He paused, and then he said "you mean- HE is marrying a girl named Jaime?" I said "No, my friend Meredith is a girl and she is marrying a girl..." He paused again, looking confused, so I said "Most of the time, girls marry boys, and boys marry girls, but sometimes girls marry girls and boys marry boys..." He looked at me with eyes like saucers and he said "Well. I just. I didn't even know that!" I giggled and I said - yes it's kind of rare- we don't know many girls that marry's a little bit different, but different is okay. Right?" 

He looked at me and said "Right." And that was sort of the end of that conversation. I thought it was interesting that he took the time to ask me who my friend was marrying- I don't think that would have happened had it been a boy and a girl. It was a good time to have the conversation, considering it is something he will run into in life. And I want him to just love people. To have his own ideals and principles, but to be open minded and loving to those with different ideals and principles. He has such a big heart- I don't see a problem. :-)

We also called Nikki on the way to school because he talks all the time about how much he misses her. After we got off the phone he said "Sometimes I just DIE to talk to Nikki because I miss her so much." How sweet is that?

I've also been trying to teach him about saving money. He always wants to buy things- whether it's a toy or gatorade, or dinner one day I said "You know- I'm trying to save my money so we can buy a waterpark membership this summer. I can't buy pizza tonight." And this was like a whole new situation to him. 

He looked at me and said "How much money do you have?" Which is sort of a funny questions- so I just looked in my wallet and said "I have $2.00..." "TWO DOLLARS?" he said, "That's all you have mom? Well gosh, I better give you some of mine because I have a lot more than that." HA.

So now every time we are going to buy something- anything- he says "But mom- will you have enough money for the waterpark?" He is so sweet.

Well it's been a long week. I'm glad it's over. I'd like to go home and go to bed. Honestly, I wanted to just stay home and stay in bed, but alas, I trudge on. Hoping to relax and enjoy some good weather this weekend. Hope you have a good one too!