Life in Pictures

It is nothing short of beautiful here these days. I call this time of year "The only time it makes any sense to live in this state..." And man, Minnesota works hard this time of year to make you forget how rough the rest of the year can be. 95% of the people living in the Twin Cities were at Home Depot this weekend, loading up on plants. The other 5% were at home planting things they got at Home Depot. Holden and I included...


Then we had a little lunch date together, which was super fun!

She looks just like Ramona Quimby. And acts like her too. Ha.

These pictures make it look like Great Clips gave her a little sideways bang trim...doesn't look that way in real life- but actually sort of think it's cute this way. Later Saturday we prepped to have some friends over for Cinco de Mayo and the Mayweather fight (which was sort of stupid, really. I wanted Pacquiao to win. Mayweather is a dirt bag).


Our new deck! Such an upgrade... 

We are pretty spoiled with this backyard. It's nothing short of amazing. We wake up to geese quacking, and we regularly have ducks and bunnies waddling and hopping across our yard. It's funny that this will be the first yard D and H remember...hopefully they aren't sorely disappointed by all of our yards to follow. We are going to make the most of it this summer!


And because everything was looking so well dressed- I took pictures all around the house. :-)

We had an awesome weekend and spent most of it outside. I cannot wait until the pools open!