Big Girl Bed.

I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that Holden was transitioning to her big girl bed...but I never really followed up with pictures or a post on how that has been going. Holden is stubborn, so I wondered if she would be as difficult as Davis was when it came to moving into a big kid bed. He was fine the first few weeks and then realized that he could just get out of bed, walk across his room, open the door and come out to see what we were up to. And MAN, we had a rough time for months...okay maybe years. Getting Davis to stay and bed and sleep has been difficult, though we are in a good place with him now. Anyway, this isn't about Davis, this is about Holden. The point is that I worried she would be like Davis...or worse.

And of course my mom and Bennett were weighing in telling me I shouldn't fix something that isn't broken, so I had that playing in the back of my mind like a broken record...but I mean, she is 3 and a half. It's not like I'm putting a baby in a big girl bed. And frankly, I was ready to use her new bedding from Red that I purchased at Christmas. 

So anyway, she was so excited and we talked and talked about how she had to stay in her bed and how if she didn't, we would just go get her crib and put it back in her room. We also told her that when she got a big girl bed, she had to give away her binky...which is like her life source when it comes to sleeping.

All in all, the big girl bed transition has been great. It DOES take a little longer to get her to bed as she loves to have someone lay with her and tell her story after story...but other than that, she has never once left her room. She does do some funny things though- like...she will stand on the inside of her door and knock on it and say things like "Mommayyyy! I need to go pottaayyyy!" And then there was the one night I caught her at about 10:00 pm with the light on. This is how she and Davis are different...she was just in there minding her own business, playing with her stuffed animals...and when I opened the door and said "HOLDEN ELOISE..." she just tucked her head down in shame and began to sob uncontrollably.

So...she is stubborn, but when she knows she is wrong, and gets in trouble, she crumbles. Davis will fight you to the death when he gets worked up. It's funny how they are both very stubborn and strong willed, but in different ways. Davis aims to please in general- but literally will pass out before he gives in on certain things. She loves to push back on EVERYTHING, but crumbles when she knows she is actually in trouble.

Anyway- here is a picture of her room with her new bed! She has only fallen out once. 

I looove her room. It's so very spunky and fun, just like her! She loves cuddling up in her big cozy duvet and also enjoys tucking her lovies (her stuffed animals in) for the night. 

Honey also sent the kids a package the other day and on the top of it was a poofy princess dress. As I opened the box, the dress poofed out and it literally took her breath away. 

What a gal, that Holden Eloise.