A Little Graduate...

Davis "graduated" from Junior K last night...complete with a cap and gown. I will post pictures of that tomorrow, but first I wanted to share some thoughts I've been thinking about Davis and how much he has progressed over the last year- especially in the last six months.

As you know, if you are a dedicated reader, we have been working with Davis and his ADHD since December of 2013. And it has not been easy, most of the time. It's been hard to watch him struggle, it's been hard to see him be alienated, and it's been hard to be patient with him and truly enjoy being around him at times. And the biggest struggle with it all is that he would have these amazing moments where you would see the kind, thoughtful, smart little boy that he is at his core...and I would find myself thinking "Why can't you be like that all the time? Or even just a bit more of the time..." And I wanted everyone else to see it too. At times I felt like I didn't want to get together with new friends and their kids because I had no idea how he would act. At times, I thought "I love this kid, but man, I really don't like him right now..." 

But the hardest of all, was to watch him realize that he was unhappy and struggling. And yes, all of this really hit the skids between ages 3 and 5. 

I really wondered how he would handle public school. I wondered if he would have any friends. I wondered if he would be happy and at ease with himself, as sometimes he just never seemed comfortable or rested.

In November, his teachers basically said to me "Sam. He is so smart, He is so kind. But he is really struggling and we honestly don't know what else to do." And we went back to the doctor and talked through every scenario, and we tried new behavior charts and placements and things at school, and we had an observational specialist go watch everything as it happened. 

And over the course of the last six months- probably through all of those efforts as well as maturity (i honestly think that's a big part of it) he has come along so far. His teachers can't believe it. I can't believe it. He is at ease, he is comfortable with himself, he smiles as big as Dallas, and he is doing well in school and thriving with friends.

Now I don't want to say the struggle is over- who knows if it ever is. But if you would have told me six months ago that I would feel confident and even excited for him about kindergarten- I wouldn't have believed you. And I do.

And last night- in a group of 30+ kids, instead of watching him weave through the crowd, distracting everyone in his midst, we watched him stand in his spot, sing three different songs, one in Spanish, with hand motions...and he was fully focused, fully engaged, and incredibly proud of himself. IT WAS THE BEST.