Man I was so homesick for my little people and Bennett last week, I could hardly take it. So, needless to say, I was so happy to be home Friday night, and so thankful to have a long weekend. We had a really great weekend, we did some fun things and we also had time to relax.

Saturday morning we had swimming lessons and then we ran a few errands. Saturday evening we had dinner over at Krissy's house with a few of their friends. It was so fun and they have the best patio and backyard for entertaining. The two other gals that were there were so fun and I really felt like myself. Bennett had fun talking with the guys too- and as there were 9 kids between the four couples, the kids had a blast too.

It was perfect chaos. I'm looking forward to doing another night out with those gals in a couple weeks- and I invited Lori, my Chick Fil A friend- so I'm hoping she will have fun and meet some spicier gals too. 

Sunday morning, because the last play date was such a hit, Holden was invited over to Elsa's house to play for a couple hours. Their house was unbelievable. Like on the prettiest, oldest street, in the fanciest part of Edina. And they are so down to earth- I never would have guessed. Holden said it looked like a castle, which made me laugh. Anyway- they made cupcakes and had another fabulous time. Elsa's little forehead was bouncing up and down in front of the window when we got there. 

They sent me this picture saying that the girls were both future bakers, and CURRENT taste testers. :-) I'm so glad they have fun together. They giggle and laugh non-stop. 

Sunday afternoon it rained off and on all day (okay not nearly as bad as Texas, but it was still pretty soggy here) so we went to Target and bought some art supplies to entertain ourselves. 

If you're wondering if our two colored couch is a new trend here in Minnesota- it's not. Sweet little Holden apparently decided to marker all over our couch cushions and coffee table while I was gone last week. Between that and the fact that little D charged $350 worth of games on my computer, Bennett was really eating crow when I got back. I mean- who's watching these small people when I'm gone? ;-) Luckily the markers were washable- so I think the dry cleaners will take the marks right out. Here's hoping.

Oh doesn't she just look so sweet and innocent? Don't be fooled...

This week is super busy at work and tomorrow is Davis' junior kindergarten graduation- which yes- I agree is quite silly...but I will be so proud of him, nonetheless.  Bennett flew to LA today and comes back tomorrow night. We didn't know they were having a graduation so he's trying to come back early- but it's not looking good. :-/

More tomorrow!