Ships in the Night

Bennett and I are like ships passing in the night these days. He got in Thursday and then left again Saturday morning, and I leave tomorrow, and he gets back Wednesday. SO, we took Friday off and just spent the day together doing fun things like having brunch, going to a men's beard grooming place, running errands, working out and even taking a nap. It was heavenly.

We had brunch at this very cute farm to table restaurant called Wise Acre. They have a farm about 60 miles north of the cities and everything they serve is straight from there. It reminded me a lot of Austin. There are many similarities between the cities- just not the temperature. Ha.

Then Saturday, as mentioned, Bennett went out of town, so in the afternoon, Sarah and I took the kids to their school carnival out in Hamel Minnesota- about 30 minutes out of town. All day it looked like rain, but the rain held off, and everyone had a great time.

Davis is obsessed with these Z bars that Rachel picked up for him at Target- they are protein bars, but they taste like chocolate, so he thinks they are amazing and he insisted on bringing the whole box to the spring carnival to share. What a goof! He also wanted to wear his ninja outfit- at least until he got sweaty. And Holden got her face painted for the first time. She sat so still and just LOVED her rainbow.

And Davis opted for a balloon sword, which very quickly became a balloon snake.

On the way home we stopped for a quick bite and sat outside...and then the kiddos went to bed that night and I followed shortly after. 

Sunday morning, the kids got up super early...this has been a trend lately and is the only reason I miss Holden's crib. But they climb in bed and I let them watch a little movie while I sleep for another 30 minutes. More often than not Holden gets about one inch from my face and scares the bejeezus out of me while saying "Mom. Can you make me breakfast?" One would think no one feeds her with the way she eats breakfast. 

However, Sunday morning, I felt like getting up early, so we went to a local donut shop and they each picked a donut for the road...

Hello early morning Sugar Rush!

And now I will leave you with a cliffhanger until tomorrow, where I will share pictures and stories from Holden and Elsa's play date. :-) Happy Monday!