Holden has the cutest little friend named Elsa...and I have recently gotten to know her mom a bit better by setting up coffee dates with the girls, and attending birthday parties together. Elsa and her mom are the cutest little pocket people you've ever seen. Her mom, Kelley, was a cheerleader at the University of Washington, and is the tiniest person you've ever seen. Until you see her tiny daughter, Elsa. Anyway- Holden and Elsa have been like peas and carrots for the last year or so...and since Kelley just had a baby boy about a month ago, I figured it was high time to have Elsa over for a play date. 

Elsa came over at 10 on Saturday, so after the donut run, we went to Target to pick out some special markers and coloring books, and also a little lego set for Davis and I to build while the girls played. I talked to Holden a lot about how when you have a friend over, you share all your things, and you act very kind so they will want to come play again. And I explained to Davis that Elsa is three and that she might be kind of nervous at her first play date, so we have to be kind and helpful. He took this to heart. And then some. He was like the butler to their play date the whole time. Such a sweetheart.

He called them "You girls" and constantly did and said things like "Hey you girls- do you need a snack? I can bring you a snack if you want..." or "Hey you girls, don't let Pico scare you. He's my dog and he is very nice." 

Those girls had the time of their lives. In a short two hour period, they: had a tea party, colored, glittered, danced to Frozen, sang, watched Strawberry Shortcake, played dolly house, had lunch, ate popsicles, giggled until they couldn't breathe, and who even knows what else. They were in heaven. It was pretty cute to watch. I will post a video later this week so you can hear and see them singing in all their glory.

And Sweet Davis built the most amazing lego helicopter between catering to their every need. 

What a fun morning!

I head to LA today, so if you don't hear from me for a few days- that's why!