May Day

I got the sweetest email from my grandma, saying she had filled our may baskets with kisses, hugs and lots of love. It made me feel great and it also made me think of how many fun memories I have of May Day and my grandparents coming to visit us in Sioux Falls. I remember going to the grocery store and being able to pick out things we wouldn't typically get. I remember looking at the cart at the end, seeing how full it was, and that triggering a sense of excitement. 

I also remember chasing my neighbor and best friend John around, trying to kiss him after leaving his May basket at the door. HA! I don't know of anyone that does May baskets in the south- but people do celebrate the day here. It's because they're so damn excited about being able to put coats away and the ability to feel their toes. 

The weather is lovely- I think we're past anymore snow and the annual plants are starting to pop back up in that lovely dark kelly green as well as the brighter chartreuse color that I love. I am again astounded at how they come back year after year after the beating that mother nature gives them here. 

Our landlords just put in a new deck at our request- and it is beautiful so we will enjoy spending time outside this weekend and beyond. School ends soon and you can feel all the kids' excitement about the summer. It's sort of a magical time, really.

Speaking of SCHOOL. I have the best news! We have been planning to have Davis attend our neighborhood school, Concord. It's one of the very best in the cities, as well as the state, which is saying a lot considering Minnesota's stellar education...and/but it's also sort of, how do you say this...incredibly competitive and homogenous, and just I don't know...good, but not exactly the perfect fit for Davis. But you don't complain, right? You feel thankful that you have that school in your neighborhood and you decide that you are doing to find ways to show Davis variation and things. I don't know if I mentioned this, but we had also tried to put Davis in the lottery for some of the other schools- you can open enroll in Spanish Immersion, French Immersion, STEM schools, and also these programs called Continued Progress, that are sort of a hybrid between a Montessori school and a public school. 

I thought maybe this would be good for Davis as they have structure- but they also set up the curriculum to where you can work up in areas where you have strengths, or work at the normal level in areas where you have challenges. Also, it's a little more open open minded, so I was hopeful that both the kids and the parents would be that way too. 

Long story short- someone from the district called me 30 minutes before the lottery started and let me know that we wouldn't be included in the library because we didn't have proof of residency yet. (Our landlord is working overseas right now and we are not on a lease, so it was a big complicated ordeal). I was hugely bummed because they had told me I would have more time...and now all of the sudden we wouldn't be included. But it was what it was...and I moved on and began thinking Concord would have to be great or we would have to do private.

Fast forward to last week when I get a random call from some lady named Jane saying "Hi, this is Jane from Highlands Elementary. We have a spot for Davis in our continued progress program." It took me a minute to even understand what was going on...but when I did, I was so shocked and had this immediate feeling that this was a little gift from God. I had completely forgotten about it and all the while, He was working this out behind the scenes, knowing this was how it would happen, and VOILA!

So we went to tour the school yesterday, not really knowing for sure if it was the right place...and when we got there, we found out that our tour guides would be two fifth graders. I was immediately like "Oh- well how am I going to get answers to all the questions I have about the programs...?" But within minutes, I was hugely impressed with Charlie (a little boy in a tye die shirt with his hat on backward) and Emma, a little girl whose family still lives in Italy, where she spends her summers. They were so cute, sincere, and articulate...and had the best things to say about the school.

It's smaller than most schools- only 4 kindergartens and then when you start 1st grade, you start in the CP program. The kids call their classes their "CP family" and they are made up of two grades each. The walls were floor to ceiling windows. Every room we looked in, kids were doing something fun and interesting...and the teachers were dressed casually, and in the CP program, they are called by their first name. 

The school had the BEST vibe and we were both like "How is this a public school? How lucky is Davis? I want to go back to school here..."

We met with "Peter", the principle at the end to ask him a few more questions, and his office was amazing. Fresh and clean, windows from floor to ceiling behind his desk and the rest of his walls were covered in green chalkboard paint, and were layered from floor to ceiling with carefully lettered, rainbow chalked, Einstein quotes, Beatles lyrics, etc.

We both left with the biggest grins on our faces. This whole thing has been so stressful- trying to figure out where Davis would best fit. And we had really not even thought about any of the CP or other different schools since January when the lottery happened. What an amazing surprise, and beyond that, proof that if you just relax and realize that God is working, you will SEE that he is.

So, I'm sort of on cloud nine after all of that. YAHOO! He is going to have such a cool experience. Lucky dude.

Have a great weekend! Here is a little picture of the beans snuggling in our bed this morning. They both end up in our bed around 6:00 a.m. but this was the first morning Davis intentionally snuggled with Holden.