Kids These Days...

I know that I will not be the first to say fact, I'm quite certain that every generation of parents, for every decade in history, has thought or said something like this: The longer I am a parent, the more astounded I am by how blatantly clear it is that your kids think your only reason for existence is to cater to their every need. 

Like there was never a time when I chose to eat somewhere other than Tin Shed Pizza.

Like it makes perfect sense that I linger in the rain while they mosey around in the backseat picking up trash or looking at their toys, instead of climbing into their car seat so I can buckle the dang belt.

Like I should always jump out of the shower and come running the second I hear my name shouted across the house- even if it's just simply to inform me that said mini person would like me to turn up the volume on the TV.

It's really quite astounding. And it makes me ask myself would it would be like to feel as though someone existed just to love me, play with me, feed me, tickle me, take care of me, etc. And then of course you realize that your parents did this too, and that it's an ongoing cycle. Which is even more crazy. We all go through a phase of life where we literally think we are the center of the universe. And really, I guess that is why it's so amazing to be a kid. 

Right now we are constantly reminding Davis and Holden that everything does not revolve around them. And they HATE it. But it has to happen. I mean, I think that's how you keep them from becoming obnoxious self-centered grown-ups, right? Because you know, they whine a lot, little kids. So I feel like we are constantly telling them things like "Listen- when you talk like that- it makes me NOT want to play with you..." or "You do realize, that if you constantly take your sister's things, she's not going to want to share with you, right?" Or "No. We're not going to Chik Fil A. I know that is the ONLY place you want to go, but there are four of us. And three of us would like to NOT eat chicken nuggets for dinner tonight."

It's a lot of work, being a parent. And it's almost insane how rewarding it is when you feel like they've heard something you said. And I realize that this post should end with some rewarding anecdote- but it doesn't. HA. Not complaining, just reporting the facts.

:-) More tomorrow!