BoHo Holden.

This is how Holden likes to paint:

AND, not only does she like to paint in the nude or semi-nude...Rachel took her to get all those new paints today- and she chose to paint white on white. So I don't know- maybe she is part Bohemian and part Minimalist. A combo of her aunt and her honey, I suppose. 

Do you see how thin she is becoming? It's like she is stretching. Her legs are getting longer, her stout little body is thinning out. It makes me a little sad. A lot sad. BUT, not sad enough to have another. HA. NO WAY JOSE. FUGGEDABOUTIT.

So it's been kind of gray here lately and I think it has me in the dumps a bit. I was telling Katie the other day that it's sort of like the adventure has waned and now it's just real life here and I've sort of realized I don't want to do real life here. At least not for much longer. And the second I said it, I had such clarity. I love it when that happens- like thoughts secretly swirl in your brain, words form in your mouth, and then they come out and you didn't even know you had those thoughts until your ears hear them for the first time. Anyway- I realized it's true. The first part of our adventure here- everything was NEW and everyone was a NEW POTENTIAL FRIEND. And the hustle of it all was fun. And I had the energy to put into building something. And now it's sort of built (which, don't get me wrong, i'm thankful for) but it's just like real life. 

And this would happen anywhere right- sometimes you're bored and everything seems stagnant. I totally remember feeling that way in Austin. You can't really avoid that. So you know- I do remind myself of that. But it's hard to find the ups when the weather is gray and cold and the friends that make you laugh the hardest are across the country. I'm not complaining. I'm really just reporting. I'm not like depressed...just sort of sharing what's on my mind.  My family and my job are what I am focusing on. And man I'm learning a ton in both regards. 

I'm looking forward to having Friday off with Holden. I promised Davis that I would do the same with him in May or June when we can (hopefully) go to the water park. Friday night, I am going with a girlfriend for a couple hours to get her nails done before her maternity shoot Saturday. We're throwing the baby shower for her in a couple weeks and I don't get to see her all that much now that I don't work with her. 

Saturday we have a birthday party and then Saturday night I'm going on a party bus for my friend's bachelorette party. I'm all "this has been a long week (already) i'm so tired, i'd rather just veg at home...." right now. But I mean, I know myself. Fast forward to Saturday I'll be singing karaoke shouting that this is the BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!! Ha. 

So we've been watching the Book of Life at our house- it's a cute Disney movie about mexican culture and the day of the dead and one of the main characters is a bullfighter. This is all Davis talks about right now. And when he found out that Bennett's dad was a bullfighter- he almost passed out. Bennett brought up the black and white picture of him bullfighting- and his eyes were like saucers- and he couldn't even believe it. I got to school yesterday and the teacher said "Was Davis' grandfather really a bullfighter?" It was fun for Davis and I'm sure it was fun for Bennett too.

Speaking of Bennett- poor buddy is at the MASTERS this week. #charmedlife 

Okay that's all I have to chat about today. Happy birthday to Jodie!!! TTYL.