Holden and Davis are becoming sneaky little devils...

Davis is into this new Skylander game that incorporates both physical figurines with a kid-appropriate video game on the ipad. He is obsessed. It's like we've entered a whole new era with him. Anyway- he's had the regular game, but he hasn't had the "portal" or figurines that "unlock the next level" on the game. He's been working hard and saving his pennies until he could buy the aforementioned portal, and this weekend, he earned just enough to purchase it, so yesterday, we went to Best Fry (as the beans call it) and walked out with this trophy of a toy.

Davis and Bennett got it all set up last night and D had a BALL. 

Fast forward to a few hours later when I was watching TV, and I texted Bennett (at the gym) to ask if he knew where my ipad was. He joked that Davis was probably up playing it somewhere in the house...but I never thought anything of it because the phone rang and it was Katie from Singapore. So I caught up with Katie, which was SO fun and much needed, and I was still talking to her an hour or so later when Bennett came home and all of the sudden I heard: "DAVIS. BENNETT. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

It was about 9:45 and he had been up that whole time, playing the game under his covers!!!
No wonder he didn't make a peep when I walked by his room several times. It was TOO QUIET. 

OOOH, did he get in trouble. He lost his skylanders and his computer privileges and he just KNEW he had done wrong. What a little sneak! And it's contagious. I had to put Holden's easter egg basket up on the fridge because no matter how many times we tell her no candy, she sneaks it. Bennett walked into the kitchen the other day and he caught her yanking a lollipop out of her mouth, hiding it behind her back.

We gotta watch these little people.