Talk Adorable to Me!

We had a really great Easter weekend- pretty low key- but nice. Two different sets of our friends invited us to do Easter with their families, but we decided to hang out, just the four of us. We had a great time. Well honestly, we had fun, but we also left church Sunday feeling pretty bummed. Okay so the whole sermon was about hope, so I know that it was intended to be uplifting...however, it's kind of hard to think about the hope that comes from heartache, without dwelling on the heartache and the sadness. At least it is for me. So yesterday was kind of gray and dreary and Bennett and I felt a little down in the dumps...but don't worry, the beans had a blast and were so cranked up on sugar, they didn't notice at all. 

Davis was so sweet, pointing to eggs for Holden. As it turns out, he has been incredibly kind and obliging lately, where as little miss thing has started to cop the occasional attitude. Davis will look at her and say "Holden. That is NOT NICE. You have an attitude and you need to turn it around..." And he is RIGHT. She told Ms. Murphy today that she should "TALK ADORABLE TO ME!" in response to Murphy telling her not to do something. I mean. Girl. Friend. is. Bossy.

With all of their loot! They really LOVED the egg hunt. So exciting and fun to watch them scamper all around the yard looking for little colored eggs, shrieking with excitement when they found each one. 

And we even made it out for a lovely brunch Sunday before church, which was a (very) late breaking goal of mine for Easter. 

After church, Davis told me all about Jesus riding into town on a donkey and how he died on a Cross, and not a Crosswalk, after all, and how everyone was sad, but then he came back to life! It's so fun to hear what he learns in Sunday School. 

This week is a busy one- I'm starting to realize they all are...but Bennett leaves Wednesday for the Masters, then flies back Thursday night to pick up little D, and then he and little D head to Texas. I'm taking Friday off to keep Holden while Murphy is on a little getaway with her boyfriend (I wouldn't be surprised if he proposed on this trip- eek!) and we're basically planning a super fun girls weekend while the boys are away. 

Hope you had a good weekend! More tomorrow.