Home Again, Home Again.

I got back Thursday, tried to catch up at work Friday, and then we spent a rainy night in, working out, eating pizza (duh), and watching movies together. Little D has been sick- just a bug I guess. I took him to the doctor on Friday morning to make sure he didn't have strep (and he didn't- yahoo!). So Saturday morning, it was just Holden that did her swimming lessons. I didn't have to hand her over kicking and screaming this time, so this is progress. She now loves it again and is so proud of her "scoops"- which is basically how they teach them to push the water back. 

We then went to the Farmer's Market- it was the first weekend for the season and it was still quite chilly. Bennett gave each kid a dollar to use with the balloon man- but alas- the balloon man hasn't started his season yet, I guess. We picked up some flowers and produce though, so it was still a fun and worthwhile outing.

Very excited to have her own money! She ended up spending it on lemonade since the balloon man was nowhere to be found. She then spilled half of the lemonade in my car...so you know, really spending our money wisely. :-/

And no, I didn't coach her on this picture. She makes these funny faces on her own. What a ham, that Holden Eloise.

Saturday was pretty low key and then Sunday morning, I got up early with the kids and let Bennett sleep in as I knew I was going to be gone all afternoon. By 9:45, Davis, Holden and I had already: played, cleaned up the kitchen/house, gone to Goodwill to drop some things off, picked up coffee at Starbucks, gotten some essentials at Target (toothpaste and toilet paper) and gotten hair cuts at Great Clips. SO PRODUCTIVE.

While at Target, we picked up some new coloring gear. They had fun with these all morning, and a few might be sent to some friends in Texas. If you're lucky. ;-)

Pretty good haircuts this time around. :-)

Then yesterday, I helped host a baby shower for a friend that I worked with in my last agency. She is really fun and we get together here and there. My friend Ellie and I honestly thought that she would have about 15 people offering to throw her showers (she's very social) so we were surprised when she took us up on our offer. It was really lovely and I know she had a special day- so that always makes you feel good.

But I gotta tell you- the whole situation left me feeling really sad. Don't get me wrong- I feel really thankful that I have friends here and that I am included in things like this. But yesterday, just really made me feel sad. There I was, putting together this lovely shower, with some lovely gals, and instead of feeling excited and happy and like I was having fun, I was more like "What the hell am I doing here? I don't know a soul. These people don't REALLY know me. And this isn't fun anymore. It's not fun. I want to laugh until I cry. I want to crack jokes that people laugh at in return. I want to be as loud as I am and not have everyone in the room turn around in a panic. wondering who that was and what would ever prompt someone to speak at such a volume!"

I just miss my people. And selfishly, even more than I miss my people, I miss who I am with my people. I miss feeling known. So while the day was nice, and while yes, I am thankful for the connections God has given me here...frankly, I'm bored of this. I'm ready for it to be over soon.

Anyway. Here are some pictures from this lovely affair, that I speak so fondly of.

Anyway. While I was out baby showering- Bennett and the beans were out and about enjoying the beautiful weather. We are having our deck redone this week- so they spent some time power washing things and moving a bunch of stuff off the porch. And then they went to Chutes & Ladders (a great park near us) and also played by the lake there...because there are almost as many parks as there are lakes. This is one AMAZING thing about Minne- the parks and the outdoor options are SECOND TO NONE. In the two months when it's warm. Ha. How great is this picture? I LOVE it.

Oh by the way, the other day, while I was in LA, it snowed in Minneapolis. And Bennett told me that Davis walked out the door to go to school and said "Dad. You are NOT going to believe this. It's snowing in the middle of summer." Then he just paused, shook his head and said "This is unbelievable." Took the words right out of my mouth. 

Anyway- happy Monday. Hope you have a great week.