The Boys are Back in Town.

Yahoo! My heart was so full yesterday when picking the boys up at the airport! I missed them each so much. I got to hear all about their trips and what was their favorite thing about their time in Texas. Bennett bragged about how much mexican food he consumed, and Davis told me how much fun he had with Porter and how much he missed Nikki already.

I left work early to pick them up from the airport and because it was such a beautiful day- we drove out to Lake Minnetonka to this little town, Excelsior, to have dinner, see the boats, and eat ice cream. I pictured it like a Norman Rockwell painting. Instead, it was kind of a disaster. I think Davis was super worn out and tired from his trip and he acted like a pill most of the time- to the point where- he didn't end up getting any ice cream...which by the end of the night, the whole town of Excelsior knew about. Here are some pictures of this idyllic outing (read: meltdown).

This was supposed to be a cute picture of them standing in front of a neon ice cream cone. See the fist? It definitely made contact with little Holdy right after this picture was shot. Now, in Davis' defense...I had asked them to put their arms around each other, and she wouldn't do it. His intention was good- to get her to do it- his execution was bad- a punch to the neck.

And the result was that he didn't get any ice cream. And Holden did. And she did NOT miss the opportunity to sashay right by him with her cotton candy ice cream cone and say "Sorry you're in trouble Davis..." OY VEY. It was literally the ice cream meltdown heard round the world. So much for Norman Rockwell. Lets just say that everyone slept very well last night.

Beyond the ice cream fiasco- it was really pretty walking around in this cute little town. And some duckies got lucky with an extra cone. 

All in all- a good night. Especially lying in bed last night, listening to Bennett's stories about the weekend. He is so funny. Anyway- I'm glad they're back and I hope tonight is way less exciting than last night. Ha. More tomorrow!