I Need my Nakeup!

We went to Holden's little friend's birthday party on Saturday at Paint Your Plate. It was probably a little old for three year olds, but still very fun. The lady was like leaning in, telling them things like "so make sure you evenly paint on three coats to get the brightest color..." and the littles were looking at her like "so don't stick those paintbrushes up my nose? is that what you are saying?" Oh my gosh the girls were so cute though. Holden's best pal Elsa was there, and the other girls were named Evie, Rowan and Olivia. Fun names, I thought.

I had to FORCE Holden out of her pajamas. It's all she wants to wear these days. Usually I just let it go, but I'm so glad I did because she would have been quite under dressed for the partay. Girl's got to keep up her appearances in these parts. ;-)

Love Holden's choice of kicks. She is so sporty. So after the party we walked around the little area we were in: 50th and France, which is a cute little shopping area. Here are some pictures to give you an idea...it's a great little mix of known places like Anthro, Lush, Sur la Table, and then some local boutiques and restaurants.

Anyway, we stopped at the flower shop, we went into this little kids store called Pacifier and we bought Holden some pink kids nail polish. She was so excited about her NAKEUP! She kept saying "Oh yes! I need some nakeup!" She says "Oh yes!" in response to everything. It's the cutest. Then we had lunch and went home to paint her nails and take naps. I had the most glorious naps while the boys were gone. AMEN.

One funny thing Holden said over the weekend- I have been cleaning out my closet, taking stuff to Goodwill, moving spring things in and winter things out, so it looks well organized and all bright and colorful. Anyway, the other morning Holden walked into my closed and she put her arms out and said "Oh I just love all this stuff!" HA.

Lately Holden is equal parts sweet as sugar and tough as nails. She has some serious opinions and nobody is going to convince her otherwise. She will be an amazing woman. If she survives after giving me such TUDE lately. She has so much confidence- it's amazing. She will be able to do anything she puts her mind to. My goal is to help her STAY  equal parts soft and strong. It's a rare mix. That girl...she's going to keep us on our toes. How do our kids have such strong personalities? I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE OR WHO THEY GET IT FROM?!?!?! ;-)

Have a great day! More tomorrow.