Girls Weekend.

So the boys left on Friday morning- and Davis was so excited he couldn't sleep the night before. When I asked him what he was most excited about he said "Being with Nikki!" which I thought was so sweet, considering he knew he would be going to do and see a bunch of fun things. He loves Nikki so much- they have a special bond, those two. Anyway, so Friday morning, we drove through the SNOW to take them to the airport.

He felt so proud and excited that he was going with his dad on a vacation. And Holden was so sweet, she kept saying "I love you so much, Davis." They are (usually) so sweet to each other.

So we dropped them off, Holden and I gave each other high fives, and were like "See you losers later! GIRLS WEEKEND STARTS NOW!!!" And then we went to Build a Bear...where Holden built a bunny dressed in (what else?) an Elsa dress.


Holden's job was to hold down the little foot pump to fill the bunny with stuffing. She had so much fun with this.

She was so thrilled with the end result- it was a fun little morning for us. And that was only the first day! More tomorrow.