It's been in the 40s this weekend, which feels nothing short of heavenly. And this week it's supposed to be in the 50s, and next week the 60s. I seriously cannot even believe it. We are so lucky to be having an early spring! Last year, I didn't even see grass until mid-April and then it snowed again in late April. This year, almost all the snow is gone and I have downgraded to my fall jacket! Yahoo. It seriously just changes your mood- the second you wake up- you think "I can go outside today!!! I don't have to think of 47 things to entertain everyone with, being inside all day."

Little D is money hungry. He's trying to think of any and all work he can do to earn a buck. He earned $2 last night breaking up the ice (with a hammer) and shoveling it off the back porch. Holden would rather play dolly-house or watch Care Bears. She's no fool. Every time Davis goes to redeem his money, he insists on bringing her something anyway. 

She is into the following these days:
- Wearing princess dresses or Davis' pajamas. And she has to change about 14 times a day. 
- Pretzels and hummus and grapes, and last night I made her eggs and bacon for dinner and she was pleased as punch
- Playing dolly house, not just with dolls, but with various monsters and superhero figures
- Watching Care Bears
- Reading the books "Sometimes you Barf" and "Chloe" from the library (real variety)
- Telling me the same story over and over about how "last day my friend at school hit me. it was Ollie and I was sad. And then I was perfect!"

Davis is into:
- Making money, though he rarely wants to do the chores he needs to do, he would instead like to create his own
- Shooting water guns at a target he set up in the playroom
- Jumping on the mattress downstairs while watching Ninja movies
- Dance parties
- His dad- he's so into Bennett right now, thinks he is the bee's knees
- Telling incredibly long stories

And I've been into:
- Drinking too much wine while listening to Bob Schneider and feeling very hungover the next day
- Going to sleep early (lately I've been falling asleep at 8:30, then waking up later to eat dinner or work or read or whatever)
- Making plans for every weekend as far out as I possibly can
- Taking vitamins

And here are some pictures from the weekend and end of last week...

Murphy took Holden and Davis to see the 3D version of Spongebob Squarepants. She handed Davis the glasses and she told me said "Umm, Ms. Murphy, I don't have a seeing problem."

Yesterday, Sarah and I took Davis and Brooks to one of their classmates birthday parties at Pump it Up. They had a blast.

And this is a picture from Ms. Murphy with Holden this morning, at the mall play area. What a lucky gal. I bet they will play outside today since it's so nice.

And a solo show with Bob Schneider. SO much fun. Happy Monday!