Good Things.

Back in November I bought Davis a really nice wallet. He usually has wallets from Target and we saw a really nice one, so I bought it for him as a little pre-Christmas gift. About a month later he lost it. And it's bothered him ever since. 

Today he got a call from Gander Mountain saying that they found his wallet- with everything in it. Bennett was super excited and asked where they found it. They said it was in a snowbank and since the snow finally melted, they found it in the parking lot. Ha. Only in Minnesota.

Secondly, I got a very encouraging and positive note from Davis' teachers this week which has pretty much had me smiling non-stop. I can tell that he is noticing cause and effect so much more naturally and clearly. He'll do something or something will happen and he will immediately say "Oh sorry- I didn't mean to do that..." or sometimes out of the blue he'll just say "I'm not really feeling like myself today." I think his level of self awareness is growing- and I'm sure that is due to maturity too. Makes me feel hopeful.

Davis said another very smart and funny thing this weekend. Bennett left his shoes out in front of the couch and Davis tripped and fell over them while carrying about 18 toys to the playroom. He started to cry and was so mad that his daddy had not put his shoes away!! Bennett kept saying "I'm sorry, Davis. I'm sorry bud." Davis finally looked at him and said "Daddy. Sometimes sorry is not enough. You have to check on the person and make sure they are okay." WISE WORDS.

Also- we got a coffee maker this weekend. It's sort of comical because we've been talking about getting one for years, but we can never agree on one. I want a simple one, Bennett wants a mini coffee shop one. Well, now since I get the Best Buy discount, a mini coffee shop one is more reasonable. SO- we got a Breville espresso maker and Bennett is our in-house Barista. It's awesome and will save us so much money over the long term. We would both go to Starbucks almost every day. It will probably pay for itself in the first few months. HA.

Last night was super fun- we all went on a walk to the park together, Davis rode his bike and Holden rode in the red wagon. They had a blast. We all did. Such great weather these days. Warmer, but still chilly at night.

I slept so hard last night- finally. I've been waking up in the night with so many things on my mind. It's exhausting. 

Anyway- hope you are having a great week. Here are some pictures of the beans from this weekend. We had a really great weekend together.

This girl is unstoppable. More tomorrow!