Funny Talk.

Davis and Holden are funny. Very distinctly different styles, but funny nonetheless. Davis is funnier when not trying to be, and Holden is like a mini Lucille Ball. Always looking for a reaction. So they say things a lot that I think are cute and I just want to capture as much as I can. So here goes.

Park Day
The first day it was warm enough to go to the park was also the first day that Holden tried the big, bumpy slide. The park we go to has about 6 slides, and she feels very comfortable on 5 of them, but has never really wanted to try the big one as you definitely pick up some speed and almost fly off the end. In the past she has always looked at it and said "I'm too big." She says that instead of "I'm too small..." which is cute in itself. Anyway, I was surprised on our first day back when she walked straight over to the big bumpy slide and went down it without hesitation. She didn't fly off and she was quite proud of herself. She climbed right back up, but at the top this time she cried and insisted Bennett climb up and go down with her. We asked her why and said "Holden- you can do it, you just did it!" But she just looked at us and said "It's too brave!" HA! I love it. 

As mentioned, Davis is working hard to earn money. The other day I gave him a dollar bill and he looked at me very seriously and said "Umm. Could I get a dollar bill with a 100 on it?" I laughed so hard and he just looked at me like "Um, what?"

Be Nice
So the other day before school Bennett shouted at me about crumpling up his slacks. And I shouted back at him and said "Hang them up and I won't even have to touch them!" And we shouted back and forth and it was mainly playful (though I'm dead serious about him hanging up his damn pants) but all of the sudden Davis looked at Bennett and said "Daddy. You have to be nice to mommy. She does EVERYTHING for you..." BAHAHAHA. I died laughing (gave Davis a high five) and then said "I swear to you- I've never said that to him..." So anyway- now he's my favorite kid. ;-)

Four in a Bed
So Davis very often comes in and snuggles with us in the morning...and he LOVES doing this. Holden is still in her crib so she really never does this. Well, the other morning she woke up early and needed to go to the bathroom so after she did, I said "Go get in bed with mommy and daddy. But you have to be quiet and lay still." And she was SO EXCITED about this, climbed right in and snuggled up...which was so fun. Anyway, about 20 minutes later, Davis started shouting "MOMMY! Come here mommy!" Bennett responded back and said "Davis- no- you come here if you need something..." He kept on, saying "No, I want mommy to come in here and snuggle with me..." So Bennett said "Davis- we're not getting up. We're all snuggling. Holden is in here too..."

We heard a pause. And then we heard him quietly and very indignantly say "You better get her outta there..." and then we could hear him stomp into our room and he looked at us and said "I'm not in the mood!" 

Funny kiddos. I can't wait to spend the weekend with them- we have ZERO plans! Yahoo! Have a great weekend!