Good for My Soul.

Hi there! I'm back from LA and I'm back from a surprise trip to Texas. I've just been dying to post about it- I've had it planned since early February. I was trying to figure out when I could see Nikki and it truly was sort of hard to book, so I told her I wasn't coming for a while, and then I surprised her and showed up for her birthday this past Saturday. OH MY GOSH, I had the best weekend. 

It was the first time I've been home that I really felt super excited to move back there. Let me explain that- it wasn't a homesick, worried feeling about not living there now, and it wasn't a sort of "blech- i feel in between- i don't really even know where i'm supposed to be" but instead it was an "i'm so excited to move back and have a new version of our life here- taking all the good from Austin and all the good from Minneapolis and starting a little bit fresh in a city we love with people we love." It was like this peaceful feeling of "this will be so great- the time isn't right this minute- but it's coming pretty soon..." And honestly, while I've enjoyed visiting, this was the first time I felt a peace in my heart while there. It was good for my soul, just to have that feeling.

AND, I got to do all this other fun stuff. I got to see my best gal pals- even Carrie and Brooke- though they aren't in this picture.

I got to see these fools, which I love, because I hardly get to see the guys and they are like my best friends by extension, but I never get to see them when it's a girls weekend. Clearly.

My two Courtneys! How do I have such beautiful friends? Inside and out!

We took a little walk down memory lane. Don't tell Bennett I said this- but holy cow- how much younger does he look here? This was three years ago. I had just had Holden like three weeks earlier- but I was not missing that wedding.

I got to snuggle this little face. Weston is seriously THE cutest. If I was his mom, I would also be his MOMAGER. Make him earn some cash, just being so cute. He is like the perfect combo or Courtney and B.


I was able to treat my friends to a little employee discount. You know what they say- the family that shops mobile phone accessories together- stays together.

I ate the most amazing mexican food. Maybe this was the best part!!! I kid, I kid.


I got to spend time with these crazy cat lovers, who named one of their cats "Heidegger" only to nickname him Scooter or Pee Paw.

I was able to celebrate not one, but TWO birthdays: my sister and my grandma!

I got to see this guy!


I decided I hate how short my hair is while I was there- but that's beside the point. Also, it wasn't styled here, so it's actually way cuter...but that is also beside the point.

I was able to soak in the fresh spring air and see green scenes like this, and this: No filters, by the way...


And I got to see and spend time with my mom- though she hates the one picture I got of us together- so just visualize it. And JODIE! It was THE BEST WEEKEND ever!