So as mentioned, I was all jazzed to take the kids to this dinosaur exhibit in downtown Minneapolis. We got everyone up and at em and headed out to have breakfast at one of our favorite spots downtown- Keys- then we headed over to the convention center. We waited in line for quite a while and when we got to the front- we saw the prices. It was $25 per kid and $20 per adult. ??? We had planned to stay an hour or so, and thought maybe it would be like $10, so we were a bit stupefied to see this. BUT, we had already talked it up and waited in line, so we went for it. 

The kids thought it was cool, but lets just say that what I thought would be a cool, cultural, almost museum-like experience was more like a carnival. Once the kids saw the bouncy castles, they weren't really so interested in the dinosaurs, and once we got to the bouncy castles, the lines were outrageous. Not to mention, you had to walk through a maze of every junky dino toy ever known to man. I was like "FUHGEDDABOUTIT Davis. We are not buying ANYTHING here." 

So it was sort of like the renaissance festival I dragged them to this past fall. Cool in my mind...but not so much in real life. Oops. The funniest part was that Holden insisted on going on these HUGE inflatable slides with Davis...and then she got to the top of one and was too scared to come down. We were all at the bottom cheering her on and she just sat at the top shaking her head. They had to shut everything down and the guy working the slides had to go up and get her to come down. HA! Leave it to Holden to get her own personal escort. 

She really has me cracking up lately- she is SO expressive. When something is funny- she has to bend over and slap her knees because it just cracks her up so much. And when something is bothering her- she is just EXASPERATED. And she puts her hands up in the air and looks at you and says something like "WHY aren't you listening to me?" or "GUYS. Elsa is trying to sleep. BE. QUIET." Or when she is excited about something, she squeezes up her face, sticks out her double chin and squeals "I'm just SO EXCITED!!!" 

Which is exactly what she said when we made Bennett a cake Friday night. I was trying to think of something fun and different to do and we happened to have the ingredients, so we went to town. They were both super excited.

This picture sums up their identities, completely. Davis strips down to his undies the second he walks in the door and Holden strips down and absolutely must have one of her princess dresses on, a necklace, a sparkly pink cape, her plastic Sophia "high heels" and her princess wand. I live in a circus.

Oops, sorry daddy! We couldn't wait for you to get home to try the cake! Poor Bennett- as if we don't have enough snow and cold in Minnesota- he got delayed in Dallas due to snow and ice. :-(

Saturday afternoon, Holden and I went to the Y while the boys met Nate and Brooks to play basketball. Holden had the best time playing with the little girls in the playroom. She didn't want to leave when I went in to pick her up. But she DID want to wear my headphones...how cool is she? The girl has style.

Then Saturday night- Bennett and I did the unthinkable. We went out for Mexican food- in Minnesota. Several people had recommended this place, Pepito's, as a great and authentic option. UMMM. Not so much. The salsa was basically chunky Ketchup and I sent the margarita back because it was essentially "lime drink" with salt around the rim. We cried into our queso, to say the least. Our hopes were dashed.

Then yesterday, we got dressed for church, showed up, couldn't find a parking spot, and decided to bail. HA! Sometimes playing hooky like that is fun. We went to the hardware store instead and got some things we needed. Bennett and Davis are still working on the ice rink in the back- and I'm SCARED to see our next water bill. They have a hose hooked up and running all the way down to the lake so they can run it and smooth out the ice. Glad we are creating MORE ice. Hmmph. Boys. But I'm not getting in the middle of that. It keeps them busy.

During rest time, Davis and I met Brooks and Sarah (and Paige) at this crazy indoor play place. We haven't been since last year- and this was perfect because Brooks and Davis are both big enough to climb all the way up (it's three stories) without worrying about them. So Sarah and I just sat and chatted while they wore themselves out.

They were happy as clams. Making a human totem pole. Almost every single day- Davis and Brooks ask Sarah and I after school if they can go to the others house. Davis very often just asks Sarah directly when she goes to pick the boys up, if he can come over. Ha.

So it was a good weekend- and I'm hoping it will be a good week! It's supposed to be mid 30s this week- which I am SO EXCITED about. We are over the worst of it. Have a good week!