Bennett and I are going to Europe for our 10 year anniversary this summer- Paris and Amsterdam to be exact. And we've decided to look really hot in our pictures- so we're on a spring weight loss challenge. WELL. I haven't really weighed myself or thought about it since about December, so lets just say I was a little nervous about weighing myself this morning. I have had a few people tell me they can tell I've lost weight, and my clothes make me feel like I have, but I figured maybe 1-2 pounds as I am just never that person that loses anything without MAJOR effort. However, I got on the scale this morning and I've lost 8 pounds since early December! Yahoo! Now I still have about 15 to lose...but this gives me major momentum! And now Bennett is really focused and will be trying to kick my ass, so he'll probably lose 8 by Friday, but I can't worry about him. Ha.

Anyway, so that is exciting. 

We had a great weekend- the weather was BEAUTIFUL. In fact, it was warmer here Sunday morning than in Fred, so that gives you an idea of how awesome it is here right now. Poor little Holdy had to miss her ballet on Saturday- she has a fever- probably caught whatever Davis had- but other than that, everything was good. Davis and I went to the park yesterday (while Bennett and Holden took lovely and long afternoon naps) and it was sooo nice outside. 

And then Murphy just sent me these pictures of Holden- sorting the rainbow colors of Froot Loops. And eating some too. Ha.

So there you go! This week is super busy- I head out at the crack of dawn tomorrow for LA. I'll try to post if/when I can. Have a great week!