Pen Pals.

I mentioned to Carrie that Davis was having a hard time at school a few weeks ago...about one week later, little Davis received a letter in the mail. I said "Davis- you have mail!" He looked at it both excited and confused, and then was so thrilled when he saw the drawing from "Porter in Texas". It was the most amazing drawing of a multi-colored jaguar, with a note that said something along the lines of "I love you. Don't let the kids at school be mean to you. You are the best." And of course I teared up and wondered what the hell we are doing in this god-forsaken-freezing-state when we have such amazing family and friends there. And anyway- it meant a lot to all of us.

And because it was so fun, we decided to encourage the boys to be pen pals. SO, because Davis had a random, high fever on Wednesday night, he stayed home yesterday. (Yes seriously). And so Thursday morning, I took him to Target and we got some supplies to send something special back to Porter. I can't wait to send it this weekend. He was really so focused and talked a ton about how Porter is his best friend and how he wished Porter lived with him in Minneapolis. And he drew a picture that was both awesome and sort of hysterical. And picked out a little something to include in the envelope. It was really a fun and special morning.

He's so funny. He really doesn't like to sit and do projects like this very often- so I was surprised at how into it he was. When he finished, I said "You know who else would like a picture? You could draw a picture for Honey or Nanny and Grandpa and we could send that to them in the mail. They would love that."

He looked at me and said "Why don't you draw them a picture, mom?" I guess I pushed my luck. HA.

Anyway. It's friday and this has been a crazy week. I need to add people to my team at work- it's a ton of work and a small team. This week, I am here Monday, I fly to LA Tuesday, Bennett flies to Boston Wednesday, Murphy stays with the kids Wednesday night (while I will be shooting a TV spot through the night: 9 pm to 9 am, and then I catch the first flight back on Thursday after not sleeping all night, and get home in time to pick up the kids Thursday after school. INSANE. Then Bennett gets home Friday. 

But not to skip over this weekend. This weekend we are having the Ohmes over to grill out tonight, we have Holden's ballet class tomorrow, and then tomorrow night we are doing the triple date downtown that I mentioned before. And sunday it's supposed to be 70 (HOLY SHIT) so I'm sure we'll just be outside all day.

Have a good weekend!