prima ballerina.

I always think it's fun to have one on one time with Davis and Holden, and I got to have that with both of them yesterday. It was sooo nice outside, so I left work early to pick Davis up from school. You should have seen how giddy all the kids were, playing outside with lightweight jackets and no snow. FREEDOM! Luckily, he had a great day at school so I was able to take him for some ice cream at Dairy Queen. I always think of my grandpa when we go to DQ because he used to take me there for chocolate dipped cones. Davis usually chooses chocolate dipped cones, but yesterday the triple chocolate brownie caught his eye. Who can blame him???

He shared a few bites with me and I can confirm that it was TAAAAASTY, as Davis would say.

And then afterwards, we picked Bennett up from work (sometimes we carpool now that we work so close to each other and the school) and then we headed home and I took Holden on a special outing to get some ballet clothes. Elsa's mom invited Holden to take ballet with Elsa, starting on Saturday, so we had to go get the right gear. It was so much fun. I drove her to Minnetonka and we went to a special dance store. When she opened the door and saw all the dance clothes, she paused and said "There are princess things in there..." She was just beside herself the whole time. Couldn't stop smiling and REFUSED to take the clothes off when it was time to leave.

It was so fun to watch the whole thing. And it made me glad that I have both a boy and a girl. I would feel so sad not to get to do things like this. I cannot wait until the class on Saturday. I will take lots of pictures and videos. 

When we got home, we had a great time watching her and little Davis practice ballet moves in the kitchen. He would say "Holden, you have to put your hands like this!" and then put his hands up over his head with his fingers touching. It was a fun night.

And today it's supposed to get up to 68 degrees. So I AM JUST BESIDE MYSELF!!! Have a good day! Talk to you tomorrow.