Enchanted Rock.

This weekend was really fun. We had a great dinner out with some new friends on Saturday night...we went to Pizzeria Lola, which is really such a cute and tasty little place. Wood fired, super thin crust pizzas, with awesome topping combos.


And we were meeting a friend of mine from my old job, and her boyfriend. I'm always hopeful that one of my friends will have a great boyfriend or husband that Davis will like...and Carmen's boyfriend was exactly that. So we stayed and laughed and talked until we closed the place down at 11:00. And then Sunday I had my Stella & Dot party and it was a lot more fun than I even anticipated. About 14 girls came, some whom I haven't seen since I left my last job, so I had a really great time. And I think the stylist girl sold some stuff too. Win win.

And now back to the title of this post: pictures from Enchanted Rock over Christmas. I think my mom and I were getting our nails done while they went on this adventure. I think Holden enjoyed it most of all! Do princesses wear hiking boots? I think so!

Her little face kills me in this one! For days afterward, she would say "I go HI-KING!" 
More later.