So what good is a Before & After without the Before, right? Well I can't find my dang Before an After will have to do. Let me give you some background first. My grandmother's mother got this chair from a department store back in the day when you earned "stamps" from all your purchases. After you had collected enough green stamps, you could look through this book of rewards and pick something, and she picked this chair. And since then, my grandmother had it, and it's been recovered many times, and when I came to it, it was just sort of sitting in storage. It was right before we moved- and I knew that our house here would be bigger than our house in Texas, so a little extra furniture was a good thing.

It was covered in a neutral/rainbow tweed. And it was pretty dirty. As mentioned, it was just sitting in storage. SO...over Christmas, I decided to take advantage of all the great fabrics at Red, and I picked two: one peacock blue velvet for a vintage wing back I have, and a great pink tweed for this little chair of my grandmother's. The very fun thing is that my grandfather overheard this plan and offered to buy the fabric. SO, that made it even more special!

Anyway- long story short- during my time off between jobs, I found a re-upholstery group and had it redone and it IS ADORABLE!!!!

It looks brand new- except that it is such a great vintage shape. I am so excited about it. I will keep looking for the BEFORE...and also post more pictures in the place it's going to live.

Separately, this is a fun and busy week. I had a work dinner last night, tomorrow night we are going mini golfing for little Bennett Ohme's birthday, Friday night we're the Ohme boys are coming over for a couple hours while Nate and Sarah go to dinner, Saturday we have basketball, little D has a birthday party to go to, Saturday night, Bennett and I are having dinner with a friend (from my old job) and her boyfriend, then Sunday we have church and my friend Ellie and I are hosting a Stella & Dot party at my house. CRAZY! Hope you are having a good week too!