So yesterday was day one for Murphy and I can already tell this is going to be an amazing thing. She got there around 7:30 and since Holden was still sleeping (perk #1: not having to wake her up and get her ready when she is still tired) she helped me take out the trash and got Davis in his shoes and jacket while I was getting ready to go. I left her a small list of things to do- just pick up a few things from Target, do a couple things around the house, and while I know they aren't major things- it's all the little stuff that adds up and makes it hard to have any time to actually play or just relax for a minute. She also made a long list of places to go and things to do with Holden and is going to look into nanny groups in our area too. I feel so lucky, but more importantly, I just keep thinking "What a lucky little girl Holden is to get to spend the days with her..." They will have so much fun together.

I thought Davis would put up a real fight when I told him Holden was staying home with Murphy (her name is Rachel, but we call her Murphy because that's what Holden would call her when she was tiny- well actually she called her Murpy) but he just asked a few questions. I told him that five-year-olds have to go to school five days a week and that Holden is only going to go two now because she is little and she was getting too sick at school. The fits may come later, but today, he didn't really fight it.

I'm thinking this summer, occasionally on Fridays, I will let him stay home and maybe they can all go to the pool together. I want him to feel like it's summer too. 

Anyway, the biggest, best change was that last night, instead of walking in feeling already stressed and overwhelmed about the 47 things I feel I have to do between 5:45 and 7:45, I walked into a picked up house, the dishes were done, laundry was done, the floors were clean...and it was AMAZING. Aside from it looking and feeling amazing. It allowed me to eat dinner before 9:00 and also actually sit down and PLAY with Holden and her dolly house. It was like a different world. And Bennett and Davis went to play basketball at the Y. SO GREAT. There was no me griping at Bennett to help out with things, or me telling the kids to go play while I washed dishes. It was such a gift. So, needless to say, I'm excited about it.

Also, as mentioned, I did the mini makeover of Holden's room on Sunday. And the first thing she said to Murphy was "Look at my beautiful room..." She is so proud. I painted it a color almost identical to her room in Austin- because well, I loved that color. It's actually not the same brand or color, but it's pretty darn close. And I feel like this room could be a before and after testimonial for the difference paint can make. Seriously. $35 and I feel like it's a whole new space. The color before was matte cream. It was gross. Everything great looked less great against it. And every scratch, scrape or mark showed on it because, again, it was matte. 

And so because I was having so much fun- seriously it was like the most fun project for me to see such immediate and great results. I also rearranged her room and hung a few things.

Pico is making a cameo. I told Davis to be gentle to Pico the other day because he is a "grandpa dog" and he thought that was the most mind-boggling thing he had ever heard. Ha. Pico is almost 14, which means he is like 98 in dog years. He's getting along pretty well if you ask me.

I picked up this clock (new) from Red, and that painting (vintage) from Red. And I adore them together. Especially against that wall color.

And this is one of my favorite gifts from Christmas. The story goes that Nikki was telling me about visiting with our grandparents recently and she told me a funny story about something Nanny was saying, that grandpa quickly responded to with "Oh Darlene. Save it for bridge club." I died. And now I will get to smile every time I see it. I had it on our wall- but it looks better against this color. Holden says "That is mine. Nikki made it for me."

And my grandfather also made this little toy box bench for Nikki and I when we were little. I still remember pulling toys out of it in our room in Oak Trails with bright green shag carpet. So Holden has lots of special little things in her room. Old and new- the best mix.

Okay so I have two other reveals coming up on the blog. ONE: Davis commissioned the most fabulous piece of art for me for Christmas from Jodie King, and we have been debating where to hang it, but I think we'll get it hung this week and then I'll share that. And TWO: I finally had this cute chair of my grandmother's recovered. So I will share that too!

Have a great week!