Kids are Funny.

Davis said a couple funny things this week that I want to remember...

Davis had a really great day at school Wednesday and his teacher mentioned it to me and I was so excited and Davis was so proud and we went to get some M&Ms to celebrate and everything. Later last night, as we were lying in bed, I said: "Davis, I am just so proud of you for having a good day at school. What did you do differently?"

Davis: When I was about to touch a friend during circle time, I just thinked about it and then I didn't touch them!

Me: What a good idea! Do you think you could do that every day and have a great day at school every day?

Davis: (Deadpan) No. Just every once in a while. 

So there you go. That's that. I laughed so hard at his response. He wasn't being controversial, he was just reporting the realities. Trying to manage my expectations. Ha. 

Then last night, I had to run some errands at Target, so I let him get his first Slushee. He did a combo of the red and blue (cherry and blue raspberry) and I said "You know when Nikki and I were little, we always loved to get Slushees. And I would always get red and Nikki would always get blue."

He paused, looked at me and said "So you got red because you're a girl, and Nikki got blue because...she's an...aunt?"

Also, we were driving the other day when Davis said to me "Mom. Grandmas and grandpas don't know how to drive. They drive all over the road and they don't stop when it's red and they don't go when it's green..." 

And I assumed he was saying this because he saw it on a video, but before I could say anything, he said "Do you think nanny and grandpa don't know how to drive? Do they drive through red lights?" 

I said "NEVER! They are great drivers." He nodded his head a bit, clearly feeling relieved and affirmed, and said "I thought so..."

Have a great weekend!