On My Mind...

So I try not to gripe about the weather here. I mean really- who moves to Minnesota and gripes about the weather. It's not like you don't know what you are getting into. It's not like it's a fluke that it's cold here. It has been cold here since the dawn of time. BUT, today is a little extreme. Wind chills of -36. It literally sucks the air out of your body the second you open your front door. And it hurts when the wind hits your face. It's a physical kind of cold. It's a Holden-starts-crying-the-second-you-bring-her-outside-type of cold. BUT the craziest thing about it all is that I am in tights and booties and a dress today for work. Because- you don't let the cold dictate much here. It's really a mind over matter culture. I find it so interesting.

My Car:
I can't remember if I mentioned it here- but Bennett backed into my car one day in a rush to get to the airport. It probably happened in November and I finally got an estimate, took care of the paperwork, and got it in the shop in early February. And it took about 10 days before I got it back. I got it back on Friday. Bennett and I went to a movie on Saturday and during the movie, he got a call from the sitter, telling him that: the neighbor girl backed into my car. WHAT? SERIOUSLY? Oy vey. So, back in the shop it will go. Honestly though, now that I work so close to Bennett and our house, sharing a car was kind of fun. So I'm trying to be positive. I'm kind of thinking my car is jinxed though.

Mom Courage:
I used to have major anxiety about a couple things, mainly: 1) something happening to Bennett or 2) someone lurking in my house waiting to pounce in the night. And these things would keep me up all night and I would worry and feel sick about it and picture all the horrible things that could happen. And then I became a mom. And I'm not sure if it is the sheer exhaustion that caused me to really get over it, or maturity, or the fact that you actually have real, realistic things/people to worry about, you can't really waste your time on the what if's, but I've sort of gotten over that. So anyway- last night at about 2:00 a.m. I heard a loud sound and Davis screamed simultaneously. I popped out of bed, my heart was racing, and I darted into his room just to find out that he had gotten tangled in his bedding and fell out of his bed as he was trying to go to the restroom. And it made me laugh this morning to think about how different my perspective is these days. Before, I would have been like "Oh God, it's actually happening...we're all going to die." And now, instead, I walked right in there thinking "Alright. Here goes. Who am I going to have to kill." Mom courage.

50 Shades of Gray:
I never really got into the pop culture phenomenon of this book. I don't want to sound like a snob- but for the most part- I save my intake of trash for Bravo TV and The Real Housewives. I take books pretty seriously. I appreciate good writing, and I didn't really have any idea that the book was getting press for it's mastery of the English language. And of my friends in Texas, there were two parties: one group that felt liberated and in control of their feminism by reading and supporting the book and another that felt like we really were at the bottom when society has turned so significantly that WOMEN (the heart of the church) are reading such dirty, sinful books. I've always had all types of friends- ha. Anyway. I just didn't really care about it. SO- fast forward to a couple weeks ago when I mentioned to a friend here that I hadn't read it, only to receive it from her in the mail, two days later. And so I began to read it. And so she keeps asking me what I think. And I'm about 60 pages in and the writing is so juvenile and poor, that I can't really even continue to the "good" controversial sexy stuff. And we're supposed to go see the movie Friday, which I hear is also very stupid. But she is SO excited and I am her closest friend here, and so, here I am, pretending to read this dumb book, feeling annoyed all the while that this shitty writer is famous and wealthy and everything else because of it. So my issues with the book have nothing to do with feminism- I haven't even gotten far enough to have an opinion on that. My issues with the book have to do with the talent (or lack thereof) of the writer. Anyway, enough about that...

Monday night when we got home, Davis was crying and saying his forehead hurt. He laid down at 6:00 pm and slept until the next day. He was warm, but didn't have any other symptoms than a fever. Luckily, Murphy could come yesterday and keep him. Also, on Monday the school was closed so she kept both of them. And these are just two more reasons that I might ask Murphy to become my sister wife. HA! I'm kidding- but seriously- we are so thankful for her and I don't want to ever visualize a world (in Minnesota) where we live without her. And/but the reality is, she will probably do school more full time in the fall, so I need to enjoy it while I can and hope she changes her mind and continues to do part time. You should have seen Holden's face yesterday when she heard that it was Davis that was going to stay home while she went to school. She was none too pleased with the situation. Each morning she now says "Is today a stay-home-with-Murphy day?" And as I walk out into the -36 degree weather, I wish I got to stay home with Murphy too. Hmmph.

10 Year Anniversary:
Can you believe that this June will be Bennett and I's 10 year anniversary? I can't even believe it. So we're trying to plan a big trip- think Europe or something equally interesting- in June or July. It's kind of all I can think about- yet at the same time- when I start to do research on where to go- I get so overwhelmed and never end up getting any closer to a location. I sort of wish there were still travel agents. Ha. Can you believe that was a real job? Kind of awesome. I remember when Nikki worked part-time at a travel agency and I thought it was like THE COOLEST job ever. That was until she worked at the Movie Shop and got to eat candy and watch movies all day (at least that is what I would do when I went to visit her). 

This Weekend:
So as mentioned, Friday night I'm going out with my friend Ellie for dinner and a movie. Then Saturday we have D's last basketball game, and then Saturday night is parent's night out at Primrose, and during that time, Bennett and I are going to have dinner with Lori and her husband. Lori is my friend from California that I met at Chick-Fil-A. Her husband is a orthopedic surgeon and might be a little square- but she sure is fun. What's with all the dudes here being less fun than their lady counterparts? I'm noticing that most of the guys are FROM here while the girls have moved here- and maybe that's why/how they bring the spice. Of all my friends here- only two are from here: Sarah and Krissy. The rest are move-ins. Interesting.

So those are the things that are on my mind today. And here is a funny pic of the beans from last night. I asked them to make funny faces- and this is what I got.