Manly Minnesotan Men.

So as mentioned yesterday- we just had the best time this weekend at all of our girl parties. Holden probably told Davis five times before we left for Elsa's party "This is a party for MY friend, Davis." He has been to a couple for his friends and this was her first so she felt pretty special. But the boys weren't bored...Davis had basketball Saturday morning, and then Sunday morning they went to church and started shoveling the snow off Lake Nancy to make a skating area. IT WAS COLD.  I was so impressed how long they stayed out there and how hard they worked. Ds little cheeks were so rosy when he came in. I was very impressed with their commitment and follow through. Ha.

As you can see- this picture was taken from afar. It took all I had in me to stand on the back porch long enough to zoom in and get the shot. 

I LOVE this picture. For a few reasons: 1) he looks so cute all bundled up, 2) this is sort of what I visualized winter weekends to look like when we were moving here and 3) I remember tilting my head back just like that to get a look out from under my hat. Memories.

I took this picture right after he came in. His cheeks were so chilly, I had to give him a squeeze. And he insisted on taking the pic from under our island. Artistic vision. I think he is looking SO handsome these days. He is going to be a lady killer one day. Such a sweetheart...brave...loyal...and a bit of a wild one too. The ladies are gonna love him. Have a good one!