Balentime's Day.

We had such a fun and busy weekend- Friday night I had happy hour with my team after work which was really fun...and then I met Bennett and the kiddos over at the Ohme's for the boys' birthday party. Everyone had a blast. And then Saturday morning, Holden and I were invited to a Valentine's Cookie and Craft party with Ellie and a bunch of her girlfriends with daughters. It was the cutest idea- Holden and I had so much fun. 

Holden was so very careful as she iced her cookie. Such focus!


And then Saturday afternoon, Bennett surprised me by telling me he had secretly scored a babysitter (on Valentine's day, nonetheless) so we went to see the movie Birdman. WOW- what a fun and weird movie. Such good acting- I couldn't get over it. I love Michael Keaton- so glad to see him have a big comeback.

Then as if the Galentine's party wasn't enough- Holden and I went to Elsa's birthday party on Sunday. Leading up to the party I got several emails from Elsa's mom asking if we could come- making sure the date and time would work...and I thought "wow, this lady is really on top of it..." then when I got there yesterday I realized it was because it was really a close family and friends party, with the exception of Holden and I. Elsa apparently talks about Holden as much as Holden talks about Elsa, so they wanted to make sure her best friend could come. SO sweet. When we got there, little Elsa was standing in the window, waving so big, mouthing "Holden! Holden!" Holden was in HEAVEN as you can see by her face in all the pictures.


Holden is short for her age, and one of the little ones in her you can see how tiny Elsa is. Her mom was a cheerleader for Wisconsin- they are compact and cute little ladies! :-)


The Little Gym was a perfect party spot. They had so many fun activities and all the kids had a blast. Holden is so sweet to her little friend- every time Elsa would do something- a somersault or whatever, she would say "Good job, Elsa. Good job."

As always, Holden wins for having the most fun in life. :-) More tomorrow on the boys and what they did while we were out galavanting around town. Hope you had a great weekend!

Oh also, I'm feeling more optimistic about Davis. We're going to go check out the montessori school near our house soon to see if that is the best option for him next year. I've been reading up on it and it seems like that is a recommended route for little dudes like him! I'm hopeful!