Bummed Out.

Yesterday was kind of a rough day. Davis' teacher pulled me aside on Wednesday to let me know that Davis is having a rough time at school. He has such a hard time focusing and it's gotten to the point where he is distracting other kids in class...so much so that their parents have started talking to the teachers about it. When I heard this, my eyes filled, and my heart almost broke and shattered to a million pieces on the ground. 

I get it. If I heard that someone was distracting my kid all day- I would check into it with the teachers too. But I have this feeling of "Oh, but do you know him? He isn't trying to be a pain...he is really and sincerely the sweetest kid out there. And it's not his fault he can't sit and focus and keep his hands to himself like the other kids. Please be patient with him." We have talked to him so much this week about it and it's so sad because when we ask him why he did something at school, he looks at you and says "I don't know. I just can't help it. I try so hard." And you can tell he is disappointed with himself.

So we're looking into how we can help him be more successful. And I'm super hopeful we can get this figured out before kindergarten starts, when the teacher to student ration goes down to like 1:25. And the teachers at his school are encouraging- they are like "he's so smart, he's so kind, we just have to figure out a way to help him stay on task during group scenarios...both for him and the kids around him." 

My concern is mainly that he will start to be excluded by the kids. Or their parents. And I would just die. Because I want him to have all the joy in the world. And I know he is the most loyal, kind, loving little boy, and I don't want him to be misunderstood. I asked him the other day who he played with at school and he said "Just Brooks. I have one friend. Brooksie. Well, and I have Holden and mommy and daddy and Pico. Those are my only friends." And I had to remind myself that every day when we go to school, all the kids are friendly and he talks to them and they smile and laugh...he has friends. But he is independent and singular. Always has been. And he might not be the center of the group. And that's fine. I really don't care about any of that. As long as he is happy.

So that's kind of all I could think about yesterday. But I am feeling more optimistic today. Or, let's say, I'm having better perspective. Bennett was a lot like him when he was little- and look how well he turned out. :-) Plus, he's healthy. He's thriving. And we are going to continue to help focus on the right school for him and the right help to get him where he needs to be. And that's my pep talk for myself. Ha.

So, not to leave you on a sad note over the weekend. Here is a cute picture I just got from Murphy of Holden at the mall play place. Holden has another ear ache. And with that, we are going to the ENT. She's had four since Christmas. We've tried two different types of drops, and now we are on our 2nd antibiotic. Something's gotta give. Anyway- she is happy and here is that picture. 

And this weekend we have lots of fun stuff going on-
1) Tonight is Brooks and Bennett's birthday party- Davis and I spent a lot of time last night picking out the PERFECT presents for them- including little super hero cups from the $1 bin.

2) Holden and I are invited to a girls Valentine's party tomorrow morning at Ellie's mom's house. Such a fun idea- apparently a lot of her closest friends have daughters, so she invited us all over to make cookies and play. 7 little girls will be there. 

3) Davis has basketball tomorrow morning...

4) Holden's best friend Elsa is having a birthday party Sunday morning- so we will go to that too. She is SO excited. This is her first birthday party and she has all sorts of ideas for a present and what she will wear. 

5) And oh my gosh we have nothing planned for Valentine's Day. And I love Valentine's Day. Been a bit too busy this year I guess. We'll think of something fun. :-) Have a good one! Hug the one you love!