Friday night at Skyzone, while a great time, was a reminder of why I don't want any more children. :-) I had to sign all of them in as my children because you have to sign a safety waiver. So I had to nod and say "yes, they're all mine. 4 under 5 years old. and yes, one of them is named Bennett Bennett..." ha! They had a great time and were very quiet on the ride home due to all the exhaustion from jumping for an hour.

Muscles and pizza.

Princess Minnie...she has been wearing that Noonday necklace on her head as a crown or around her neck for the last three days. Very fashion forward.

And also we've been playing with her dolly house almost non-stop. She still calls the blonde doll "Murphy" and one day Murphy fell from the top of the house and I shouted like I was her and said "Oh my leg, my leg! Please take me to the doctor!!!" And it excited Holden so much that since then our main activity has been dropping Murphy off the roof and then driving her over to "Dr. Nate" (also named by Holden...she very clearly has a crush on Bennett and Brooks' dad) to be taken care of. I told Murphy that if it was anyone but her, I would be suspect about why Holden likes to drop her nanny off the roof repeatedly. Ha.

Speaking of Holden and Murphy...I just got a picture at work of them at the Midtown Global Market. There is a band for kids there today. How fun are they??? We are very lucky to have Rachel. Each day Holden says "Is it a Ms. Murphy day?"


Happy Wednesday! Mine is super happy because Bennett just called me on his way to Ohio, saying that we have tickets to hear Bob Schneider in Minneapolis again in March. Yahoo!