Super Weekend.

Both Thursday and Friday night saw me falling asleep by 8:30, waking up a bit later to eat dinner and watch a little TV, and then back to bed. I've been tired. Saturday morning we got up and went to watch Davis and the Mavericks play basketball. He focused so much better this week and seemed to really enjoy himself. He and his dad need to work on his dribbling skills though...oh my goodness! That will give them something else fun to do on the weekends or in the evenings.

These two. Tweedle dee and tweedle dum. They are like two peas in a pod and it makes me so happy that they love each other so much. 

And this girl is their biggest fan. Gosh, she is so fun to be around, and so easy to take places. I adore her. After the game, Brooks and Nate invited him over to play for a while and he was SO EXCITED. This gave Holden and I an opportunity to get groceries and drop some things off at the cleaners. And then Bennett got home right after lunch! Yahoo! I was sooooo excited to see him and I am sooooo excited to have him home. That was a long stretch during a hard month.

And the best part was that Saturday night we had a sitter so Bennett and I were able to go out to dinner together. We went to one of my favorite places here- Cafe Lurcat- this great French restaurant in downtown Minneapolis. Its really the only place in the cities (at least that we've been to) where you feel like you're in another city or another country- it definitely feels European. And, though this might blow your mind (because it blew mine) they have the best raw oysters I've ever eaten. So we had some oysters, some ahi tuna, and then some brussel sprouts and fries.

Quite a combo, right? SO GOOD. But the best part was the time with Bennett- uninterrupted, over a few glasses of wine, we talked about his trips, we talked about my new job, we talked about our upcoming 10 year anniversary and where we want to was exactly what I needed.

Then today- I got a wild hair and decided to give Holden's room a mini makeover. I painted and then hung a few things I got for Christmas or at Red. It's SO CUTE. I can't even get over it. I'll post pictures tomorrow...

And then tonight, we are watching the Super Bowl. Mainly I am watching commercials and Katy Perry. Anyway, hope you had a good weekend. Mine was SUPER.