Reindeer Day.

There is an interesting event- for probably every hour of every day- here in the Twin Cities. It's really so fun. I feel like we're really starting to dig into all the fun things around us- and so far so good. Bennett took an all day photography class on Saturday, so the beans and I met Kelley, Elsa, and  baby Jack for donuts, and then we went to Reindeer day.

Reindeer day basically takes place on this cute "town square" type thing in Linden Hills, which is a really adorable part of town. Each little store had a different Christmas treat or event- we had hot chocolate, apple cider, we roasted marshmallows, and most importantly, we pet Reindeer and we got to see SANTA CLAUS!!! The kids had so much fun and it was really an awesome day. The weather here is/was unbelievable - we're so thankful!

Hope you had a great, and festive weekend! We sure did.