Matching Sweaters.

Monday, Davis had a hard time going back to school, after spending 4 very cozy days at home. He cried when Bennett dropped him off, so Bennett promised they would do something special after school- have a dudes night out at the YMCA. Davis' new favorite thing is to go to the Y to play basketball or racquetball. So, that left Holden and I with a night to ourselves. 

I needed to stop at a few shops at the mall- which I know she LOVES. So...we had our own little girls night out. We shared chicken fajitas at our local (decent) mexican food place, and then walked around a bit. We MIGHT have ended up with matching Fair Isle sweaters from J. Crew. It was her idea. I'm very serious- she insisted. The plan was just to get her one and then she saw that they had a very similar one in my size and she was just thrilled and begged me to buy it. How can you say no to that?

Here are a few pictures of the very sweet night together. She LOVES having girls night out. I do too.

Happy Friday!