Smarty Pants.

Davis is so damn smart these days- it kills me. It's like he is a mini adult and he gets so many different situations, jokes and nuances that he didn't get before. And now- we're really going to have to be on our toes because he will call you out. Here are a few funny things he has said or done lately...

I had Davis' conference this week- it was with his teacher and his reading specialist, Jessie. He has been talking so much about Jessie lately- and one night when I went to pick him up from Kids Club, he took me by her room to try to introduce me, but she wasn't there. Anyway- during the conference I learned that Jessie has been meeting with Davis, helping him with his reading. I said "Oh, so do you meet with him daily or weekly, or...?" Jessie looked at me and said "Daily." Then she grinned and said "And sometimes more often than that." Both teachers giggled and then told me that Davis enjoys his one on one time with Jessie so much, that often when he "Re-sets" and is supposed to be walking down the hall and back to get his energy out- he will instead go have a chat with his gal, Jessie. It was the cutest thing- and the best feeling for me was to see how much they adore Davis. He loves one on one time with people- and Jessie also has a very kind, calm and passionate vibe like my sister, so I can see why he likes her.

Nurse Heidi:
Jessie isn't his only new friend- apparently he also goes to see Nurse Heidi frequently too. The other day on the way home from school, he said to me, out of the blue: "Ms. Paulsen says I go see Nurse Heidi too much..." So I said "Why do you go see Nurse Heidi?" He said "Well, I feel sick a lot and I always need to go home..." (We have all been sick on and off for what feels like about the last month- so this is why he has this in his head) So I said "But Davis- you're not sick..." To which he said "But here's the thing- how does SHE know I'm not sick? She's not in control of my body- and she can't tell if my stomach hurts..." (I laughed to myself because this is something I always wondered about in elementary- a temperature isn't the only symptom for illness). So I said "But Davis- here's the thing. If you tell them you need to go see Nurse Heidi all the time when you DON'T actually need to see Nurse Heidi- one day you're going to need to go see her and they are going to tell you 'no'." There was a long silent pause...

Then I said "You gotta promise me you won't go see Nurse Heidi unless you are really sick..." He looked at me with a pained expression and said "But I can't. I can't promise you that because I AM gonna go see her." So there you go.

Take me to School:
Meg takes Davis to school on the days when she is at our house- unless one of us is able to go to work late- then we occasionally take Davis. This morning I had to be at work early- and Bennett didn't have a meeting until 9:00 so he was sleeping in a bit later than normal. When I went to leave- Davis said "Mom- can you please take me to school?" I told him I was headed to a meeting and that Meg would take him. Next I heard him walk over to his dad and say "Dad- can you take me to school?" Bennett, from his bed, said "I can't- I have to go to work." 

Davis looked at him and said "Well I think if you have time to sleep- you have time to take me to school." I laughed to myself while listening to this exchange. No more sleeping in, Mr. Bennett. Davis will give you the business.

Anyway- here are a few pictures from our long Thanksgiving weekend. Though I wish my mom had been able to come, we had a great time with equal parts fun and equal parts cozy relaxing. Very thankful!

Bennett moved the mattress from the guest room downstairs to the living room floor upstairs. So we could watch the parade. And apparently wrestle in the nude.

We spent the day at home, but then Holden and I went to my friend Ellie's, as the boys were still recovering from a stomach bug. Holden had a BLAST with her girlfriends, and I enjoyed chatting with Ellie and her family. It was really a nice invitation, and I'm glad we went.

We had our first measurable snow on Thanksgiving. Whip out the coats and hats! It's that time of year again.

All 7 of us piled into Sarah's minivan to go to Good Times Park on Saturday. But first, I forgot to mention that we had a special visit from the Christmas cows at lunch, before we left. Holden and Davis were SOOOO excited. Paige, Sarah's little girl, was less than impressed. Her face is priceless.

More to come!