love bugs.

so one thing i didn't tell you yesterday was that holden has been constipated. she had a low grade fever this weekend- and said her tummy heart- so I just figured she had a virus. and maybe she did. but either way- on monday when her fever started to die down and she was still complaining about her stomach- i realized she had not pooped for a while. at least not that i had seen. so i'll spare you the details- but by yesterday- she had a swollen little belly and had begun to fear pooping because it was so painful. no one (me) was sleeping and it was really stressing me out. 

i had given her fibrous foods, i had tried pedia-lax. but no luck. so last night, i gave her a little chocolate (Adult) ex lax. an hour later- she pooped in the tub. and we were all so excited, it was like we won the lottery. and now- because ex lax usually takes about 12-24 hours to kick in- i'm worried we are going to have an explosive night. if you know what i mean. zoinks. 

anyway- that's not the main point of my post. the main point of my post is that we had such a sweet little morning together. bennett was in boston, davis had snuck in to snuggle with me, and then holden joined us. davis was in such a sweet mood, he looked at holden and said "i love you so much holden, i could marry you."

she looked at him, with a dismissive laugh, and said "davis. i'm already marrying daddy."

to which he said "holden, daddy is already married to mommy. i guess you just have to marry me or bennett." (bennett ohme, that is)

anyway- after our little love fest, davis and i got dressed to go to his school for family breakfast. he was so excited about it. when meg showed up, we were talking about how they were planning to go to the Y swimming and usually Davis would be said to miss that, but instead he looked at Meg and said "Guess what me and my mom are doing? Just me and mommy are going to family breakfast at my school!"

it was really sweet. very thankful, here in minne.